Who are we?

Mauritsz Business Coaching is recognized by non-EU companies that would like to export to the EU as well as EU-companies that are looking for opportunities for export or improve their current market approach.

We have the right tools for those companies that:
  • Need/want to change their current market approach
  • Would like to explore their export potential
  • Companies that would like to start exporting or improve exports within the EU

Mauritsz Business Coaching is highly experienced with setting up European Sales and Distribution structures and holds in-house expertise such as: Business Development, (Export)Sales, Marketing, Logistics, Purchasing.

Besides traditional market strategies, Mauritsz Business Coaching has developed new market approaches to reduce the market entrance barrier.

In some cases Mauritsz Business Coaching even acts as a minor investor to emphasize the trust in their own capability in combination with trust in the potential and expertise of the customer.