Market growth

Opening a European office is definitely the best way to approach the market. But an own office with all disciplines in-house is very expensive. And besides that, you do not want to spend too much time on laws, rules, regulations. Your first goal should be market growth !

So what you DO need is:
  • An own company that gives you a professional approach to the market
  • Providing you with all disciplines such as sales, marketing, logistics and back-office
  • To the extent of your current needs AND adjustable to your needs in the near future
  • No risks with regulations, contracts, laws etc

Mauritsz Business Coaching has developed 2 alternative scenarios:
  1. Outsourcing office concept
  2. Shared office concept
In both cases you have multiple people working for your company, but you pay only what you actually need. Furthermore you are not exposed to high risks with contracts for personnel, rent, etc

The difference?

The shared office concept is suitable for companies that by working together with one or more other companies can create synergy.
The outsourcing office concept is suitable for all companies that want to enter the EU-market, working individually