European Office

  • Do you want to enter the EU-market ?
  • Are your European sales not satisfactory ?
  • Are you not happy (working) with agents/distributors ?


REASONS ??? Lots of them !

Europe is considered as one market. For a part this is true but most of the times you will find a market that is far from homogenous. Over 25 countries, languages, cultures, national and local legislation, different market structures.

And still a lot of companies think they can enter this market from a distance. Some appoint distributors or agents. And most of them, after some time, realise that they are not happy with the results after some years.

Why? Simply because the characteristics of the European market are not respected.

ADVANTAGES ? Multiple !

  • Image: Companies with an EU-office are considered more professional and trustworthy
  • Import barriers: Sales ex-Europe are preferred, easier logistics and payment and there are no customs issues
  • Languages and cultures: Only English is not enough, especially in the larger European countries
  • Customer Satisfaction: Customers need to be visited frequently, problems need to be solved quickly
  • Marketing strategy: Different countries and market channels will result in multiple opportunities and local marketing support
  • Market information: An own office will generate valuable first hand market data which will support sales, marketing, product development, innovation etc.


If companies consider a presence in Europe they have a picture in mind of a fully-staffed office. But this is in most cases the end result of a market entry, resulting from an established and profitable European presence. When you consider selling in the European market there are other options available. Easier, cheaper and most of all much more compatible with the company’s strategy.